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Updated 22 April 2012

MORE recent news from Blackbird Leys coming soon ...

OX105FM Interview with the IWCA

The IWCA's Stuart Craft appeared live on OX105 FM on April 2nd for a scheduled appearance alongside British National Party Press Officer, Simon Darby. In the event Stuart had to do the show on his own as the former BNP deputy leader pulled out refusing to debate with 'a member of the far-left'.

THE ISSUE: Are the government's work experience schemes an effective way of tackling unemployment?

The IWCA's Stuart Craft says NO! and explains why in the Oxford Mail.

Des Brackett backs Campaign for new home for BBL ABC

Our friend, Des Brackett, the brother of IWCA Athletics Club coach, Paul, has appeared in the Oxford Mail to thrown his weight behind the campaign for a new home for Blackbird Leys Boxing Club.

Labour's Housing Hypocrisy

A casual reader with only a passing acquaintance with party politics would be forgiven for being encouraged by Cllr McManners railing against government housing policy and his vilifying of 'profiteering' private landlords in this week's Oxford Mail.

Working Class History Month - May 2012

Poster for May's Working Class History Month

Working Class History Month - May 2012

Today's Oxford Mail carries an article on the forthcoming 'Working Class History Month' celebrations organised by Blackbird Leys IWCA.

Money speaks for money

Today's Oxford Mail carries an article on middle class campaigners trying to stop social housing being built on Ruskin Fields in leafy Old Headington.

Building a brighter future for Blackbird Leys Amateur Boxing Club

The Oxford Mail recently carried a favourable article highlighting the Blackbird Leys Amateur Boxing Club's campaign for a new home.

Over the past decade, the IWCA has been the only political organisation that has consistently banged the drum for the BBL ABC and we are proud to be at the forefront of the current campaign. Our City councillor, Stuart Craft, is currently investigating possible venues for the club to relocate to and he won't be letting the fact that he is standing down in May put a stop to the campaigning. Stuart explains:

IWCA prioritises youth work over Town Hall gesture politics

This Monday, Oxford City Council sets its budget for the year. IWCA Councillor, Stuart Craft, won't be attending the budget meeting. Here he explains why.

Oxford Mail interviews Stuart Craft on standing down from City Council

Today the Oxford Mail ran an interview with IWCA City Councillor Stuart Craft about his decision to stand down after ten years as the elected represenative of Northfield brook, Blackbird Leys.

Councillors close ranks to protect their own interests

Three controversial IWCA motions voted down by city councillors at the reconvened Full Oxford City Council meeting on 16th January serve to further illustrate the huge divide between local working class popular opinion and the opinion of their cloistered political representatives.

IWCA agenda items to finally be heard despite councillors' unease

Labour's success at twice squeezing controversial IWCA questions and Motion's off the Oxford City Council meeting agenda seems to have back-fired.

Labour and Lib Dems vote against new social housing plans

Labour and Lib Dem councillors have voted against an IWCA amendment that could have paved the way for social housing to be built on land owned by Ruskin College.

IWCA Athletics Club Town Hall Trip

A delegation of young IWCA Athletics Club members paid a pre-Christmas visit to Oxford Town on Monday 19th December.

As Stuart Craft will be leaving the City Council next Spring after 10 years as an elected City Councillor to concentrate more on vital grassroots IWCA work, it was decided that it would be good to give our youngsters an unofficial guided tour of the impressive 19th century listed building and to grab one of the last opportunities to witness the IWCA in action in the Council chamber.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Weeks in advance of tonight's Leys Area Forum, councillors were asked for issues they would like submitted to the agenda.In response, IWCA City Councillor, Stuart Craft, asked for the following ideas to be included in the agenda:

The Blackbird Leys Boxing Club; the resurgent drug dealing problem on the estate and how best to tackle it; changing rooms for Oxford Blackbirds Football Club and fresh thinking on youth provision

Pool Update

In a blatant disregard for the feelings of local residents, Oxford City Council contractors today started work laying gas mains on the proposed Blackbird Leys swimming pool site - jumping the gun on the decision of a residents' application for Town Green status for the area.

All that glitters isn't gold

Independent Working Class Association councillor, Stuart Craft, explains why he's backing residents' campaigns to stop the council's flagship plans for a new swimming pool in Blackbird Leys

The IWCA Athletics Club

The IWCA Athletics Club has been formed to encourage youngsters and adults from Blackbird Leys and the surrounding area to get involved in outdoor sports.

The type of community engagement that mainstream politics has abandoned

Tackle! IWCA under-12s mini football tournament IWCA youth football tournament seeks to reclaim community engagement as a legimate political activity ... as well as providing an enjoyable day out for families in several working class communities.

Sacked postal workers win battle to clear names

CWU union representative Steven Gill and sacked colleague John Doran have won their appeals against dismissal and the two workers, employed at the main sorting centre in Cowley, have got their jobs back ... On the Oxford IWCA website.

Tight budget for the city

Labour shows true colours by pushing through 4% council tax rise, agreeing to privatise leisure services and rejecting IWCA proposal to redistribute money to working class areas ... On the Oxford IWCA website.

Leys IWCA councillor Stuart Craft at the Spar Shop.

Press silence over gun incident

Suppressing the facts won't work. Violent crime will only be stopped if the police are made accountable ...

Right: Councillor Stuart Craft outside the Spar shop where, in January, a gun was pulled on two men who intervened to help a lad being brutally attacked by a teenage gang.

Council rents to rise by over 6% as Oxford tenants overpay by £16 million

Along with a council tax increase of over 4%, council tenants in Oxford will have to contend with an inflation busting average rent increase of 6.25%. Meanwhile Andrew Smith MP and his wife, Labour councillor Val, are sitting pretty with two houses, one in London bought with the help of the taxpayer ...

Local right of way survives two world wars but is closed to the public with New Labour councillors' help

The German car giant has got its way. Winey Magistrate's Court granted BMW's application to close Bridleway 75 ...

Cuckoo in the nest

Highlighting the dangers of outdated boilers in council properties ...

Taking the PCSO?

Community support officers: tackling crime or wasting time? By IWCA councillor Stuart Craft ...

Antisocial motorcycle riders confronted

Swift action by IWCA activist Dave Troth ensured two nuisance riders were stopped in their tracks in August ...

Peers Academy plans explained

Labour councillors reject call to put children's interests first ...

Postal strike: the other side of the story

Striking postal workers have repeatedly appeared on the front page of the local papers in recent months. Hundreds of column inches have been given over to the industrial action and its effect on the service, yet when it comes to investigating the root cause of the problems there has been a deafening silence. We look at the other side of the story ...

Bridleway 75 revisited

IWCA councillor Stuart Craft joined Green councillors Sid Phelps and Nula Young to appear at Witney Magistrate's Court for the second time on 9 October to give evidence against BMW in its attempt to close Bridleway 75, which runs through the car plant, between Garsington Road and Horspath Road ...

Swings and roundabouts

Playing politics with our play areas ...

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Working Class Rule in Working Class Areas!

For the first time in a hundred years the working class is without a voice, without influence, without political representation. The IWCA is a working class organisation independent of any existing political party. Our purpose is to give the working class the opportunity to directly influence the political decisions that affect us all. With New Labour intent on continuing the Conservative attack on working class communities it is clear that we must now organise ourselves in our own interests. If we fail to do this no one else will do it for us.